Timber has been the material of choice for window manufacture for generations, and many timber windows are still in use that are more than a century old. However, poor quality products produced in the building booms of the 50's and 60's made the arrival of "maintenance free" aluminium and later uPVC seem very attractive.

The problem, however, is not timber but material and manufacturing quality. Using stringent manufacturing methods along with dense slow-grown northern pine, we can provide a window that is both high performance and durable. Wood is stronger than uPVC and therefore it does not need a metal core, and has much better insulation values than either aluminium or uPVC. In fact, as a raw material, timber is around 800 times more effective as an insulator than Aluminium meaning that it is very good at keeping heat in your home.

Norrsken windows are constructed using laminated or "engineered" timber. This process enhances stability and durability, making the windows much less prone to movement.

In most cases, windows are then fitted with a protective outer cladding of powder-coated aluminium, although we also supply all-timber windows. 

Finished in the same way as a car body, this cladding layer adds the extra benefit of advanced weather protection for your timber, and is also extremely low maintenance. It also creates an aesthetically pleasing contemporary appearance. This combination gives you an unrivalled range of options. It automatically makes it possible to have one colour on the outside and a different colour on the inside  for example, dark grey aluminium externally with natural or light painted timber internally. You also have a wide variety of opening types and made to measure sizes.

Did you know...?

Pine used in Norrsken windows comes from the colder climates in Northern Europe. The resulting slower growth produces denser more durable timber. 

Even then, the selection process means that only 5% of each harvested tree is considered suitable for window production.

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